Advanced Academies and Video Analysis Sessions


Coach Jeff doing Video Analysis sessions during the NFAA High Performance Youth Academy in Yankton, SD

Advanced Video Analysis sessions are a great way to identify problem areas within your shot sequence.

6 high definition cameras are used simultaneously from different angles to record your shooting. These 6 angles can be replayed back in normal time and slow motion as we review your shooting together.

It is a great tool for helping you see for yourself some of the areas of interest within your shot sequence.

As part of your analysis session, you receive a written form pointing out areas of interest, possible solutions and suggestions.

Team Video Analysis Sessions

We will periodically host Video Analysis Sessions as part of our youth and adult team training. This is a great way to see the evolution of a shot sequence and to reinforce good habits. It is also a great way to see changes in each archer compared to their previous video sessions.

Public Video Analysis Sessions

Advanced Video Analysis sessions are scheduled periodically throughout the year and are open to all archers. You do not need to be on one of our teams or a current private lesson student to take advantage of one of these analysis sessions. Check out the calendar page to see the dates of our next Video Analysis Sessions.